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My Inner Kidult

I should probably say that the first thing you’ll learn about me, is my passion for graphic design, using
my superhero skills to save the
world one design at a time. Bundled with my affinity for color, type and texture...I am Batman! Oh, sorry…I am...
Wonder Woman! I should say that, but let's be honest...the first thing many people learn about me is my love for Elvis Presley. I became a fan at five years old. In 2010,
I was introduced to a publisher who not only allowed me to combine 
my personal and professional passion, but gave me an opportunity to have my work published and distributed worldwide.
"Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."
I love combining elements with equal parts skill, inspiration and imagination, to create new boundaries of reality. I love stepping into a role and immersing myself in the subject, like Alfred Hitchcock on "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," stepping into his silhouette.
However, unlike Alfred Hitchcock, who lost the joy of filmmaking, past the planning stage, I enjoy, and learn from, the entire process. I find excitement in the beginning, when I can set the stage and step into a character, with the only limits being my imagination, where inspiration comes fast and furious! I enjoy the middle , because I get to see the vision come to life. I get to be challenged when planned ideas don't work. These challenges, however stressful they can be, are welcomed as an opportunity to grow as a designer. And finally, the end  makes the excitement of the beginning and the stress of the middle, worth it! I get to see the finished product at work and feel a sense of accomplishment when the intended message is successful. I get to see people enjoying the design, transported to a new reality, escape from the current reality....or I completely missed the mark and I take that feedback to heart and learn for future projects. No matter what stage of a project, of your career, or your life, there is always an opportunity to learn and improve.

Get in Touch

Bloomingdale, IL

(630) 263-4133

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

This phrase originated with silent films, but was used quite often in the 1950's as a way of getting back on topic. A version of the modern day "Anyway..."

Give Me a Bell!

Give Me a Bell...

Another popular 1950's phrase used to tell someone to get in touch. In "mid-century" America, there were no mobile phones, no texting, no email, no chat rooms, no, phone, postal service...or two tin cans on a string...where the only forms of communication. Additionally, phones did not have 20 different tones to choose from. There was one tone, known as a bell.

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